Here I will explain how I was able to use my iPhone with the AT&T GoPhone network, reducing my monthly bill from $130 a month to anywhere between $30 and $50 a month. Regardless of what you may have read other places… this IS POSSIBLE.

NOTE: Your iPhone device will need to be unlocked and jailbroken to use this feature. If your device is not unlocked and jailbroken, please do a google search and perform those steps first.


I originally signed up for a two-year contract with AT&T for the iPhone plan. This plan was around $130 a month for two years. Once my contract expired, I began looking at other options.

The first thing I did was switch my service to TMobile. I knew the iPhone would work on their network, and I could use their $50 pay as you go plan. However, I was only able to receive EDGE speed. I was NOT able to get 2G or 3G. This is because the hardware in the iPhone is not compatible with the TMobile network at any speed faster than EDGE.

Then I tried with Net10, but ran into problems with the sim card not being allowed on other phones except the one it was purchased with.

So, I decided to try the AT&T GoPhone route. And I am happy to say, everything worked out perfectly!

Getting Started:

The first thing you will need to do is purchase a GoPhone. Any phone will do. I simply purchased the cheapest phone I could find (at Walgreens) for $9.99. You will also need to purchase an air-time card (I purchased the $25 card, but $50 is available also), and a data plan which can be purchased at either $5, $15 or $25.

Once you have your new GoPhone, follow the steps exactly how I have them listed below.

  1. Insert your new sim card into your new GoPhone.
  2. Call the number for AT&T GoPhone activation. DO NOT activate online.
  3. Make sure to also activate the air-time card, and the data-plan card.
  4. After successful activation, explain to the CSR that you would like to unlock the sim card so that it can be used in other compatible phones.
  5. Once your sim card is unlocked, switch it over to your iPhone.
  6. You should now be able to send and receive both phone calls and text messages.
  7. To get your data plan working, you will need to adjust the network settings for the iPhone.

Setting up the Data Plan:

To set up the cellular data plan, you will need to first connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi connection. Once you are connected to Wi-Fi, use Safari to navigate to on your device.

Choose “Continue”, and then choose “Custom APN”. Next, choose “Create Profile”.

Choose your country, and then select your service provider. In this case, select GoPhone.

Lastly, re-spring your device. You should now see 3G on your device. Disable the iPhone from the Wi-Fi network, and test to make sure you can connect to the internet via AT&T GoPhone 3G.

Video Tutorial:

(Video Coming Soon)

Things to Remember:

To use the iPhone with the GoPhone plan, and be able to transfer data, you will need two separate plans. The first plan is either a $25 plan or a $50 plan. This is for your talk and text. Both include unlimited text. The difference is that the $25 plan includes 250 minutes of talk time, while the $50 plan includes unlimited talk time.

Next, you will need a data plan. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans. Now, they have a three-tier system of plans. The three plans available are $5 (50 megabytes), $15 (200 megabytes) and $25 (1 gigabyte). The price of the data plan is relative to the amount of data available.

More information about talk and text plans, as well as data plans, can be found on the AT&T GoPhone website.