WordPress Content Editor Tutorial Series Part One

The WordPress content editor is, by far, one of the trickiest to master. However, once master… the tinymce editor used in WordPress can be a very powerful ally.

Hi, I’m Josh Lobe. I’m the author and developer of the Ultimate Tinymce plugin for WordPress. As you can see, this plugin has already made the Most Popular list… and continues to gain fame and recognition daily.

Backed by an enthusiastic co-developer, Marventus, and supported actively by both developers and a Dedicated Support Forum… Ultimate Tinymce is sure to be a winner for any heavy WordPress content editor, regardless of their skill level.

Having worked with this editor for the past two years, I have learned quite a few “tips and tricks” for making beautiful content with the WordPress editor that “sticks”!

WordPress Content Editor Tutorial (Part One)

Introduction to the WordPress Content Editor

So, what better way to visually demonstrate the power of the editor, than by videos?!! Here is part one of about a ten-part series on proper WordPress content editing… using the Ultimate Tinymce PRO plugin.

In this video, we cover:

  • A basic introduction to the WordPress Content Editor
  • How to make sure the “visual tab” is enabled from the user profile page.
  • The “Kitchen Sink” button, which expands/collapses row 2 of the visual editor.

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