Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widget Builder

Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widget Builder

The Ultimate Tinymce PRO Widget Builder is a new feature which will make editing widgets a snap.  The UTMCE PRO widget builder adds a new custom post type, where the Ultimate Tinymce PRO content editor will be available to edit the content.  Next, in the widget area of WordPress, simply drag over a new Ultimate Tinymce PRO Widget to any of the themes available widget areas.  Lastly, select the title of the custom post that was created, and it will instantly become available as a widget.

Here is a guided, detailed example of how to use the Ultimate Tinymce PRO Widget Builder:

Enable the Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widget Builder

First, we will visit the Ultimate Tinymce Pro settings page and click the “Extended Opts” tab.  Select the option to “Create Ultimate Tinymce Widgets”.

Ultimate Tinymce Pro

This will add a new menu item to the admin panel left navigation menu titled “UTMCE Widgets”.

Ultimate Tinymce Pro

Creating a new Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widget

Now we can begin to create our widgets.  Let’s go to UTMCE Widgets -> Add New.  We need to make sure to give each of our widgets a unique title.  The title is what we will later use to identify what widget to use.  After the title, the content may be entered just like any other post or page.

Ultimate Tinymce Pro

Create as many widgets as you like.  There is no limit.  They will all be stored.. just like posts and pages.  They will also be exported when transferring sites using the WordPress import/export functionality.  You may come back and view the existing widgets at any time to edit or modify.

Adding an Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widget to a Themes Widget Area

Once the widgets have been created, we can visit Appearance -> Widgets from our WP admin panel.  Once there, we will see a new widget titled “Ultimate Tinymce Widget”.  We can drag one of these to an available widget area.  Once the widget has been dropped, it will open up to give two options.  The first option allows the user to specify a title for the widget.  The second option is where we will select our widget (by post title, remember?).

Ultimate Tinymce ProUltimate Tinymce Pro

Viewing the Ultimate Tinymce Pro widget on the Website

Finally… let’s view our new widget on our website.

Ultimate Tinymce Pro


That concludes our lesson on Ultimate Tinymce Pro Widgets.  I hope you have as much fun using them, as I had creating them.  I think it is a fantastic way to use the Ultimate Tinymce Pro content editor in cooperation with widget creation and management.  Easily stay organized, use a visual interface, and start creating visually captivating widgets!

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