Ultimate TinyMCE “Visual Editor Upgrade”

Let me begin by admitting I hardly ever use the visual editor in WordPress when creating my blog posts and pages.  I prefer the HTML editor.  With that being said, I do a lot of work for people who only use the visual editor on their sites.  Often, I get asked how to make certain text a different color, or how to add a background color, or how to insert a page anchor. If this sounds like you, then you should absolutely take a look at the following plugin!

I wrote this plugin for those people who prefer using the visual editor. This plugin will add extreme formatting power and options to the buttons in the “Visual” mode when creating posts or pages.

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  • Included powerful upgrades to the image and link insertion buttons. Now you create mouseover and mouseout effects, and even add your own popup javascript windows when a user clicks a link.
  • Now featuring Emoticons! Currently included are the default 16 wordpress emoticons, as well as 32 new emoticons… with many more on the way.
  • Powerful editor buttons for font properties; now you can add your own custom CSS using drop-down menus. No need for mucking around in HTML.
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Inserting a Horizontal Ruler
  • Choose a background color
  • Choose a foreground color
  • Insert page anchors
  • Add and edit individual tables and their properties.
  • Search and replace text.
  • Too many features to list!

Do I really need another plugin?

If you use the visual editor to create all your fabulous content, and have longed for a way to extend it’s basic functionality… then the answer is Absolutely!

The filesize is extremely small; requires no additional javascript or jquery codes; and will run consistently on any theme out there.

Please feel free to comment on this page with questions, comments, or suggestions for future upgrades.

You may download this plugin from the WordPress Repository HERE.

Advanced Add-ons:

I also develop advanced add-ons designed to integrate with my Ultimate TinyMCE Plugin (although they do work individually as well). These add-ons will give you advanced control over certain features of the tinymce editor in WordPress.

Ultimate Tinymce Advanced Configuration

The tinymce editor for WordPress can be expanded and customized far beyond what’s available with the default installation. I have dedicated most of my time to working with the editor, and finding ways to improve it’s functionality. One problem I continuously encounter, is the settings for the editor… how do I know what each person will want?

This plugin will allow an advanced customization of the editor. It can be used with or without my Ultimate Tinymce plugin… although the customization options are GREATLY increased when using with Ultimate Tinymce.

Visit the Ultimate Tinymce Advanced Configuration plugin page for more information.

Ultimate Google Webfonts

This add-on will allow you to select any number of Google Webfonts from their website, and import them for use in your wordpress site.  A truly “one-step” process to import any number of selected fonts.  This plugin is better than any other out there because of these three reasons combined:

  1. It adds the font to the front end of your site.
  2. It adds the font in the editor window so you actually see what you get.
  3. It adds the name of the font, as well as a preview, in the font selector dropdown box.

You can find out more on the Ultimate Google Webfonts Plugin wesite.

Ultimate Tinymce Custom Styles

Ultimate Custom Styles

This add-on will allow you to add predefined custom styles into the style select dropdown button in the visual editor. Your clients will love the ability to choose custom styles from a dropdown list, rather than mucking about in HTML and CSS.

  1. Custom Styles are applied to content in the visual editor.
  2. The Custom Styles are also applied to the front-end content.
  3. This plugin is bridging the gap for a true wysiwyg experience.

You can find out more on the Ultimate Custom Styles Plugin website.

Predefined Custom Styles

Here is an addon which requires no user input. Instead, this plugin will add over 80, that’s right (EIGHTY),  predefined custom styles to the dropdown box.

  1. The custom styles are available via the styleselect dropdown box.
  2. Selected styles are immediately rendered on the editor box.
  3. Selected styles are also rendered identically on the front-end of the website.
  4. Bridging the gap to a true “what you see is what you get” experience.

You can find out more on the Ultimate Tinymce Predefined Styles website.

WP Admin Colors

WP Admin Colors

This plugin will allow the user to choose from six unique stylesheets to apply to the admin dashboard. It was designed to extend the color selector in the tinymce editor area.

  1. Choose from the same six color schemes available in Ultimate Tinymce.
  2. Plans to add at least six more color options; for a total of twelve.
  3. Styles are rendered on every admin page, giving a truly unique viewing experience.

You can find out more on the WP Admin Colors website.

Additional Resources:

Max Foundry has written an amazing tutorial for adding Google Webfonts to other, “Custom”, instances of the TinyMCE editor. You can check his guide HERE.

Kenneth Odle has created a sample page showing some of the features of this plugin in action; his page can be found HERE.

Robert Reilly has shown us an excellent example using this plugins “page anchors” feature. Check out the webpage HERE. Note the floating div container on the right-hand side of your screen as you scroll down the page. Very cool!!

Support Forums:

My page and my inbox are beginning to get a lot of comments and help requests regarding this plugin. So, I have set up a support forum to help with this plugin, and also to help with wordpress in general. Please go check it out for additional help and resources:

Josh Lobe’s Ultimate TinyMCE and WordPress Support Forum

Here is an ongoing list of my video tutorials available on YouTube:


I spent all last night playing with your Tinymce plugin. What a joy! Boy, have I been doing things the hard way! I loved your tooltips for the different settings. Not only were they informative, but fun! You seemed like a real “person” – not a “manual” of difficult to understand techie language! Bravo for an awesome plugin – I will certainly share it with others! I only regret having worked so long without it!

Misty Paradise, CA

Was this plugin helpful to you?

Any donation is helpful (and greatly appreciated) in continuing to maintain my website and continue my support to the community.


277 thoughts on “Ultimate TinyMCE “Visual Editor Upgrade”

  • May 22, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Hi Josh, this is for everyone out there who is in a panic over losing their Ultimate TinyMCE buttons from their WordPress Editor, “seeing” hidden buttons or missing rows after they updated to WordPress 3.9 or above. After I myself recovered from my anxiety attack, I decided to open the Ultimate TinyMCE details page and saw these magic words, “Note: The end of Ultimate TinyMCE. This plugin will not work properly on WordPress versions 3.9 and above.” Then, of course, came the “OH Nooooo!” Further reading gave me a solution. INSTALL WP EDIT PLUGIN. I followed all the instructions, I deactivated the Ultimate TinyMCE and now all of the buttons are back in place, the invisible buttons are visible and all of the rows have reappeared. I’ve tested with some content and so far the new plugin seems to be working fine. I haven’t tested for conflicts with any other plugins yet. One question, should I DELETE the Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin?

    LUV your plugins!!! Thanks for your patience with some of us who panic first, research later. I’m guilty of sending you an email on this one (haven’t heard from you, Ha!). Sorry and disregard the email!

  • April 22, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Excellent plugin and I depend on it for important features like image maps and the CSS editing button. But unfortunately the recent update to WordPress 3.9 which I installed today has most of the functions broken for your plugin which makes me very angry with the developers. When can we expect an update? Please advise.


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