Day One

It started out with an early morning in the dentists chair.  $500 later, the root canal and the filling were completed.  The lingering numbness is what always drives me crazy.  I mentioned to the receptionist they should have another injection which counter-acts the numbing affect of the Novocaine.  She informed me they do… but they don’t offer it because it isn’t covered by insurance.  Figures…

After a long afternoon of work.. I decided to take my two ladies to eat at the Mexican joint down the street.  Well, it was live fiesta music night.  So.. we bailed.  We ended up eating at Beef o Bradys.  It was awesome.

Now it’s home for the night.  More work.. maybe a movie.  Seems to be the story of my life…

WordPress Content Editor Tutorial Series Part One

The WordPress content editor is, by far, one of the trickiest to master. However, once master… the tinymce editor used in WordPress can be a very powerful ally.

Hi, I’m Josh Lobe. I’m the author and developer of the Ultimate Tinymce plugin for WordPress. As you can see, this plugin has already made the Most Popular list… and continues to gain fame and recognition daily.

Backed by an enthusiastic co-developer, Marventus, and supported actively by both developers and a Dedicated Support Forum… Ultimate Tinymce is sure to be a winner for any heavy WordPress content editor, regardless of their skill level.

Having worked with this editor for the past two years, I have learned quite a few “tips and tricks” for making beautiful content with the WordPress editor that “sticks”!
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Ultimate Tinymce PRO

Ultimate Tinymce PRO for WordPress

Ultimate Tinymce has grown tremendously since it’s inception in late 2011.  As of this posting, Ultimate Tinymce holds just over a half million downloads.  I have spent many late night hours pouring over code in my head, and working out the bugs to bring users the latest and greatest features possible.  Ultimate Tinymce is a strong plugin, and ranks among the top choices for WordPress visual editor upgrades.

With that being said, I have decided to shift my attention to the development of a pro version of Ultimate Tinymce. The pro version will include the latest updates, newest features, increased flexibility, and an advanced options menu.  There are already many features only found in the PRO version including: Read more

Ultimate Tinymce Advanced HTML Tags

This post is a work on progress.  However, it will be showcasing my newly created Tinymce plugin for WordPress (or other platforms).

Ultimate Tinymce Advanced HTML Tabs will open the visual door to even more precision control over the content editor.  With Advanced HTML Tags, a button is added to Tinymce which, when pushed, opens up a popover with over 100 HTML5 tags from the HTML5 Specification.

Simply click the tag you would like to insert, and if specific attributes are available for that tag, the window will “transition” to a new window where you can enter the specific attributes.  Finally, click “insert” and the plugin will build your HTML5 tag according to your specifications.

It is still being developed and tweaked… but I’m going to go ahead and release this version on GitHub and other networks.  You will also see it in my next version of Ultimate Tinymce.  This is also a GREAT enhancement tool for my premium Classes and Id’s plugin.

Here are just a few “early-release” screenshots showing the plugin in action:

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