WordPress Graphene Theme Nav Bar Color Modification


Working on the Graphene Official Forum, I have come across many requests on how to adjust the main navigation menu colors.  Well, we are going to tackle every aspect of the menu in this tutorial.

Remember, Syahir is making color options in the nav menu a standard feature beginning in Graphene version 1.8. ¬†However, I’m sure many people will still find needs for wanting to further customize the menu.

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iPhone 3gs/4gs on GoPhone Network

Here I will explain how I was able to use my iPhone with the AT&T GoPhone network, reducing my monthly bill from $130 a month to anywhere between $30 and $50 a month. Regardless of what you may have read other places… this IS POSSIBLE.

NOTE: Your iPhone device will need to be unlocked and jailbroken to use this feature. If your device is not unlocked and jailbroken, please do a google search and perform those steps first. Read more

Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs

Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs is a plugin for WordPress TinyMCE which enables the usage of CSS classes and CSS ids on any HTML element within TinyMCE. Together with an external CSS file, Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs bridges the (visual) gap between the content entered through TinyMCE and the actual output.

Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs takes it to the next level by letting you set these CSS styles, based on CSS Class Selectors and CSS ID Selectors, on any element, giving the user more power on the visual representation then ever before (imagine one being able to choose 20 different classes or a handful of ids to apply on p elements with the ease of a click).

Anytime a user adjusts any class or id via the dropdown select boxes, the changes are applied real-time right in the content visual editor window.

Online Demonstration
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