Ultimate Tinymce Advanced HTML Tags

This post is a work on progress.  However, it will be showcasing my newly created Tinymce plugin for WordPress (or other platforms).

Ultimate Tinymce Advanced HTML Tabs will open the visual door to even more precision control over the content editor.  With Advanced HTML Tags, a button is added to Tinymce which, when pushed, opens up a popover with over 100 HTML5 tags from the HTML5 Specification.

Simply click the tag you would like to insert, and if specific attributes are available for that tag, the window will “transition” to a new window where you can enter the specific attributes.  Finally, click “insert” and the plugin will build your HTML5 tag according to your specifications.

It is still being developed and tweaked… but I’m going to go ahead and release this version on GitHub and other networks.  You will also see it in my next version of Ultimate Tinymce.  This is also a GREAT enhancement tool for my premium Classes and Id’s plugin.

Here are just a few “early-release” screenshots showing the plugin in action:

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Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs

Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs is a plugin for WordPress TinyMCE which enables the usage of CSS classes and CSS ids on any HTML element within TinyMCE. Together with an external CSS file, Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs bridges the (visual) gap between the content entered through TinyMCE and the actual output.

Ultimate Tinymce Classes and IDs takes it to the next level by letting you set these CSS styles, based on CSS Class Selectors and CSS ID Selectors, on any element, giving the user more power on the visual representation then ever before (imagine one being able to choose 20 different classes or a handful of ids to apply on p elements with the ease of a click).

Anytime a user adjusts any class or id via the dropdown select boxes, the changes are applied real-time right in the content visual editor window.

Online Demonstration
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