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Hmmmm... what are they doing?
Let's see what we've got here...
Sometimes... I just don't know...
I'm the short one in blue.
Are you looking at me... or the beautiful background?
This has often intrigued me...
Just another perfect day...
I'd rather it be a water slide... but this'll do.
One small step for Malea...
Can I do it again, Daddy?
C'mon everybody. Next stop.. Chuck E Cheese.
I easily bring color to any situation.
Digging for Pirate treasure... (I guess)
I think I'm ready for bigger slides!
Here I go...
Just hangin' out...
I think if I ...

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  1. Tanya says:

    This is my new favorite site! I have bookmarked you. The pics of your lovely baby are a treat. My daughter is 16 years old now, so no more playgrounds for us (I think I’ll take mine to the playground tomorrow just so I can get a picture of the expression on her face –lol)! Thanks for sharing your plugins with the WordPress community, Josh :-)

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