I’m a devoted father, musician and student from Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up in the same house, never moving until I was 20 years old. However, I have had the opportunity to travel quite extensively throughout the United States. I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico on numerous occasions. My dream vacation is to one day visit Egypt, and other parts of the Mediterranean. I am fascinated with the history and the mystery associated with the Egpytian civilization.

Dad Guitar Graduation

The things I am most grateful for in life are my daughter, chocolates and music. I’ve been playing the guitar for about 20 years, and I really love it. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock, but I also enjoy many other varieties and genres. Some of my favorites include Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Sublime, and James (obscure, but an ex turned me onto them years ago).
On week days you’ll usually find me studying for a class, playing with my daughter, or working on a computer or project. On the weekends I like to write music and socialize with friends. My idea of the perfect day would start with waking up together and tapping the snooze button repeatedly while we get in some last minute cuddling. And then I’d cook a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, french toast with powdered sugar, and a variety of fresh fruit. Later, we would all go out to a movie, or the park, or anything else “fun” going on in town. And I’d top it all off by cozying up next to a fire with a movie.
The kinds of people I enjoy most are the ones who are compassionate, yet witty. I like people who follow the golden rule, but quietly make fun of it along the way. I like people who can question life, and ask themselves why hot dogs come in packs of eight while hot dog buns come in packs of twelve. I like people who think outside the box, who like to engage in a civil debate, and question the things other people accept as daily life. I love to laugh, and I surround myself with people who can stimulate me mentally. I am quite sarcastic in my personal life, however it”s all in good humor.
As far as the future, I dream to fall in love with the perfect woman, raise a family together, continue my education, and build the opportunities to enjoy the nicer qualities of life. I know this will take patience and dedication initially, but I also know the rewards will be greater in the long run. So, that’s my plan.

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  • December 19, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Hi Josh,
    I just read your personal life page and would like to say that if I had a son, I believe I would want him to be just like you. Now I will probably buy Ultimate tinymce pro, even though I don’t really need it.
    The Slider on your home page, is that the one included in UT?
    Your daughter is a real cutie too.


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