I graduated from Eastern High School in 1995, where I maintained honor role grades and spent the majority of my spare time playing in the school band extra-curricular activities. I received two scholorships to Mississippi State and Ohio State Colleges, based on my musical talent and my ACT scores. I decided to stay at home, and attend University of Louisville while working at TGI Fridays. Before long, I decided to take a break from college to focus on more responsibility at work. Eventually, I became a manager and worked at Fridays for the following five years.
I decided to go back to College in 2004. I began at Jefferson Community College. I leaned more toward business and economics classes. I wanted to pursue a four-year degree in business, which was unavailable at JCC, so I decided to transfer to Indiana University Southeast in 2006. There, I completed my BA in Business Management and Marketing in summer 2008.

Indiana University Southeast

Indiana University Southeast Indiana University Southeast Indiana University Southeast

During these four years in school, I began working on a project with my father. We worked directly with automobile wheel manufacturers, providing a wheel handling system used in production of aluminum and cast-iron wheels. There had been no standard for wheel handling in different manufacturers, resulting in every company using whatever worked best for them. Some companies used wood, while others used metal welded together. Our company used structural-foam, injection molded, plastic. Our product was much more durable, much more lightweight, and significantly less expensive in the long run. The learning process has been invaluable to me in my personal life, my professional life, and my student life. I really enjoyed being part of a team, working with executives, and following a product from it”s Research and Development phase all the way through to it”s real-world application.

Lobe & Associates

Lobe and Associates Lobe and Associates Lobe and Associates

Recently, I decided to take out some student loans (which I’ve never done before) and go to Grad School. I re-enrolled back at IUS in the Fall of 2011. I plan on finishing in two years. My goal is to find a career, hopefully in project management or maybe logistics, where both my personal experiences and formal education can be used together and help bring an organization to it”s highest operating capacity.
So, if any potential employers are still reading this, I am interested in a career path and would appreciate you using the contact page to leave me a message. All others, thanks for reading and I hope this gives you a deeper insight into my professional life.

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