Josh Lobe
Web/App Developer

I am an advanced web and application developer. My primary area of focus is WordPress; but always enjoy other coding platforms.
502 S Dixie Blvd, Radcliff KY, 40160

Personal Profile
A few words about me

WordPress has been my exclusive area of focus for the past five years. Prior, I spent much time developing Joomla and Drupal websites and applications.

I also subcontract independently; working on internal applications and data-driven databases.

Technical Skills
This is what I’m good at

I have been writing code ever since computers first appeared on the public market. Starting with static HTML and progressing through dynamic PHP; I have never struggled learning a new coding language.










Work Experience
Current and previous employers

Owner and Developer

Josh Lobe Plugins

Period: November 2011 – Present Day
Job Type: Full-Time

Started in 2012; Josh Lobe Plugins was created to develop and sell WordPress plugins in an online environment.

  • Gross annual sales of $80,000+
  • Moderator and Contributor on WordPress support forum.


Self Employed

Period: January 2005 – Present Day
Job Type: Full-Time

Working with companies like NASA, Microsoft and The Mayo Clinic; I have assisted in developing custom applications for in-house usage.

An overview of my educational background

Indiana University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (Honors)

Completed Business Management and Finance degree in 2010. Began courses pursuant to a masters degree in business administration.

University of Louisville
Associates Degree in Information Systems

Classes pursuant to an associates degree in IT.

Work Samples
A showcase of my projects

You may also find me over on the WordPress Support Forums where I am a volunteer moderator.